The activities of the PC PLAST is mainly divided into five areas:


1 – Industrial body

  • GRP bottoms and covers for insulation tankers
  • GRP cabins complete with doors
  • GRP fairings for special vehicles: carters, hoods, fenders, bumpers, running boards and spoilers.

2 – Covers fiberglass

  • GRP covers for sewage treatment plants
  • GRP roofs for water
  • roofing fiberglass ( GRP) tanks of bio-gas plants
  • roofing fiberglass ( GRP ) tanks farms, livestock, pharmaceutical chemical and thermal power plants.
  • roofing fiberglass ( GRP) translucent skylights for industrial buildings.

3 – Design and advertising industry

  • furnishings for gardens, swimming pools and spa in fiberglass GRP (chaise longues, tables, beds)
  • lamps fiberglass GRP for exterior and interior.
  • totem advertising and signage

4 – Automotive

  • GRP fairing racing cars
  • car tuning and building prototypes
  • applications and linings for vans and pick-up

5 – Special assemblies and coatings on GRP vinylester resin pipes

Production systems and know-how

The PC PLAST srl uses the traditional systems of composite processing, spray lay-up and hand lay-up but with particular attention to use of certified low-voc resin (Volatil Organic Compound), respecting the environment. The contained size of the company allows a constant quality control, and low energy consumption.

For the processing of particularly complex projects the PC PLAST collaborates with an highly experienced engeneering study. The construction of the models is performed by modelist with a CNC milling machine of the latest generation.